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Woodberry Estates Road Dedication Issue 
As of December 2013 the roads have been dedicated to the county as public.  All future road repair and maintenance will be the responsibility of the county.  Private snow removal will remain in effect.
A number of steps were taken to resolve the road issue:
1)  the county and township engineer will come up with an estimate for the project to be used in the final SAD petition (completed)
2)  title work for all 304 lots will be done (completed)
3)  the final SAD petition will be drafted and given to the board to obtain 50% or more of the property owners signatures (all names on the deed of a property must sign for it to be counted) within 60 days (completed) 
4)  two hearings of the public will take place and notices will be sent to all residents by the township advising of the proposed SAD and encouraging residents to attend the hearings of the public.
The first public hearing is set for November 28, 2012 (completed)
The second public hearing is set for December 26, 2012 (completed)
5)  final determination of the number of years the SAD will exist (3 years)- December 26, 2012 (completed)
6)  final acceptance by the township board to create the SAD  - December 26, 2012 (completed)
7)  SAD ($848 over 3 years at .05% interest) placed on the winter tax rolls beginning in 2012 for 3 years for the 304 properties - December 26, 2012 (completed)
8)  County does road repair in Summer 2013 - (completed)
9)  Roads Deeded to Macomb County Department of Roads for all future maintenance - Dec 2013 (completed)